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Pirotta Installs HyGenie™ Pods for Medical Office Fitouts in Melbourne

May 1, 2020 Blog

Pirotta Installs HyGenie™ Pods for Medical Office Fitouts in Melbourne

The current healthcare crisis with COVID-19 has significantly affected global economies and has a huge impact on the status quo. Amongst those most affected are our medical facilities, with frontline health staff working non-stop to meet the increasing healthcare demands.

There is also the increasing need for effective ways to improve workflow and processes whilst also complying with strict social distancing regulations. In accordance with this, we at Pirotta Services are now installing HyGenie™ Pods in waiting rooms, upgrading the processes for medical practices in office fitouts in Melbourne. HyGenie™ Pods were created and are manufactured by Criterion Ind.

Currently, a person wanting to see a doctor would have to wait in the car until their name is called. This process takes more time and is also becoming less favourable as colder winter temperatures roll in.

The HyGenie™ Pods are easy and quick to install and are designed to uphold social distancing regulations effectively. They may also increase the capacity of a traditional waiting room, thereby servicing more people in the same area in a safe and efficient manner.

The HyGenie™ Ward systems allows for quick expansion and high volume of patient admissions. By providing space efficient hospital rooms that comply with social distancing regulations, this scalable solution is perfect when time is of the essence.

Aside from being quickly manufactured to keep up with the demands, these pods are also easily cleaned. The aluminum surface allows for swift and easy sanitation that minimises risks of contamination.

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