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Optimising Your Medical Office Fit Out

October 21, 2020 Blog

Medical providers are recognising the need to go above and beyond for patient satisfaction. Aside from providing them with quality medical attention, they also need to address the patient’s overall experience. This includes making good impressions when it comes to how the facility itself looks. Medical office fitouts in Melbourne need to provide a space that will create a comfortable and easy experience for the patient.

Here’s how you can improve your medical office fitouts for better patient satisfaction.

Use light or neutral colour schemes

Light colour palettes help create a sense of comfort, calm and peace. This is especially beneficial in medical facilities, since people often visit those spaces when they’re in pain. Even the shortest appointments can be a cause of anxiety and worry, so it’s important to give the patients an environment that will make them comfortable. 

Light and neutral colours can soothe and calm anxious minds. A splash of colour here and there, such as blue highlights, can also create a cooling effect. Avoid using harsh jagged lines when accentuating and instead opt for curved lines and shapes. 

Let in natural light

Harsh fluorescent lights can add to agitation and worry, which are exactly the things to avoid when designing your medical office fitout. Instead, make use of natural light by having extra windows or even installing a skylight. Natural light is an effective way to boost one’s mood as it promotes the brain’s production of serotonin. 

Supplement natural light with the right kind of artificial lighting. LED lamps are good sources of light that are more efficient and cast a softer glow as opposed to other forms of lighting. Top it all off with a potted plant or two for a more welcoming, natural feel.

Make it easy to navigate

Your medical facility should be clearly marked with the proper signage to prevent confusion as your patients navigate it. Make sure the signages are also legible, with proper colour coding, to help patients with visual impairments. Your halls and corridors should be wide enough to accommodate patients using wheelchairs as well. Plan a logical flow for the medical processes to boost efficiency as well. 

Get started on your medical office fitouts today!

Here at Pirotta Services Commercial, we have a team of professional commercial builders in Melbourne who can help improve your medical office fitouts. We have been delivering a high standard of quality and uncompromising focus on project delivery for the past three decades. As one of the trusted office fit out companies in Melbourne, we can help make your medical office space both functional and comfortable for your patients. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also put certain measures in place to guarantee the health and safety of our staff.

To find out more our services, call us on (03) 9363 6176 today. 


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