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Modernising Your Office Fitouts in Melbourne

July 14, 2020 Blog

Designs from decades past certainly have their charm, but when it comes to office space, updates and upgrades are a necessity. Having tasteful throwbacks can have its appeal, but if the whole space looks like it’s a time capsule from the ’80s, employees won’t be very inspired to work in it. An outdated workspace is also hardly inspiring for clients. For your office fitouts in Melbourne, it’s best to ensure that you’re firmly in the 21st century.

Here’s how to bring modernity into your office design.

Let in more natural light

As opposed to old-fashioned offices that are more enclosed, modern offices feature large open areas and large windows that let in natural light. If it’s not possible to create windows, you can alter the lighting instead so that the space becomes brighter.

Have plenty of designated spaces

Employee productivity can be boosted with an open workspace, as it creates a dynamic environment allowing them to collaborate more effectively. An open space also improves the flexibility within the office, so you can change up the furniture and move things to and fro without needing to break down cubicles that might be in the way.

However, employees may require someplace else for tasks that require more focus; an open space does tend to create a lot of background noise, after all. Thus, it’s nice to have a variety of spaces where they can retreat for a quiet hour of writing or even an important call with a client.

There should also be social spaces in the office where employees can take a break and talk with their colleagues in a casual setting.

Use good modern furniture

Modern furniture is sleek and versatile, and many have ergonomic designs that help improve the employees’ comfort levels. Modern tables and chairs allow freer movement whilst also helping employees avoid pains and aches from remaining too long in one position.

Incorporate your brand

Part of modern office design is displaying your branding in subtle, simple ways. You can do this by using company colours for details in the upholstery, flooring or even wall highlights. Key messages can also be exhibited in cool wall art, giving a fun, trendy vibe.

Invest in technology

Modern technology is as much a part of our daily lives as it is a part of overall aesthetic. Gadgets are as much a part of our outfit as our routine. They make life easier both at home and at work, so why not bring them into the office design?

Furthermore, modernising an office space isn’t just about improving how it looks but also how it functions. If there are still tasks in the office that require manual solutions, then it’s time to change that and offer newer digital ones. For instance, does your office still use a logbook for visitors? Digitise the process instead not only to make it easier but also to lessen paper use.

We hope that modernising your office space will come easy with these fun tips, but do not fret if you require additional guidance. You can contact us and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

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