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Impact of Colours on Your Office Fitouts

May 5, 2020 Blog

Colours are a fundamental aspect of style and design. Selecting the right colour palette can make or break any project, such as office fitouts in Melbourne. It is not enough to just pick complementary colours that are aesthetically pleasing because colours play a role in how people react to the environment as well. 

People will have subconscious responses to the colours of their surroundings. Some colour combinations can help boost productivity, some aid in achieving feelings of rest and relaxation, whilst some can even have some negative effects on morale. 

For instance, a study done by the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture found that office interiors dominated by shades of beige, grey and white tend to promote feelings of sadness and depression, especially amongst female employees. Interiors dominated by oranges and purples lead to a similar reaction amongst the men.

Though responses to art in general and colours in particular are largely subjective, there are still patterns that emerge which can help in how you plan out your office fitouts.  

Black and white

Most often used to achieve sleek and crisp interiors, the black and white combination is a solid choice for modern aesthetics. White alone is used for sterile environments that make it too drab, but paired with black, the results can be quite sophisticated. You just have to be careful with how much black you incorporate into the design as it tends to absorb natural light. With good planning, however, your office fitout will look luxurious, giving the impression of tasteful elegance. 

Blue and green

Blue and green make for a calming atmosphere. These colours are close to nature, helping achieve a certain peaceful ambiance that stimulates focus and concentration. Blue evokes reliability and stability, which is ideal for open spaces. Green, on the other hand, helps relieve weariness and is cool to the eyes. One of the ideal ways to incorporate green into your interiors is through natural means, that is, through integrating plant life via potted plants or even your own green wall.  

Oranges and yellows

The orange and yellow combination is vibrant and warm, evoking a sense of optimism and liveliness. This kind of energy helps in stimulating creative pursuits and is thus ideal for collaborative spaces. Be mindful of using overly bright shades of either colour, however, as they can be distracting. They may be used instead as accent pieces, whilst a more muted shade can be used to balance it out. 

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