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Get the Most out of Your Open-Floor Fit Out

March 30, 2021 Blog

To encourage collaboration and foster positive relationships between employees, most offices are designed nowadays to display an open-floor plan. Open-floor plans make it easier to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to enhance the flow of communication.

open floor office fit out

But, to get the most out of your open-floor plan, you have to learn how to address certain features. Limited privacy and heightened noise has the potential to get out of hand without the correct techniques in place to address these. Here are some techniques we recommend for the most effective management of your open-floor fit out:  

Create private zones

You can still have privacy within your open-floor plan. With the use of well placed partitions, you can easily convert an area into a quiet space where employees can have privacy. Using partitions as opposed to permanent walls also makes it easier to move desks and chairs around if the need arises. 

Create meeting rooms 

When designing your open-floor plan, don’t overlook the need for a meeting room. Meeting rooms give offices a space where clients can meet with team members, and team members can collaborate with one another in an area removed from the day to day atmosphere that can be disruptive for important meetings. 

Include break rooms 

Include break rooms in your office space where employees can rest and relax. These work-free spaces allow employees to recharge throughout the day, making them more comfortable at work and more open to collaborate.

Leave some empty space

Avoid over furnishing your office as it can make the space look and feel crowded and cramped. Instead, consider creating a more open space by removing unnecessary pieces. This increases overall employee wellbeing and facilitates movement through the space.   

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