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Easy Tricks for Improving Your Office Fitouts

August 6, 2020 Blog

The look and feel of your office might be often overlooked, but these, in fact, have a direct impact on the overall functionality in the workplace. If you want your office fitouts in Melbourne to encourage efficiency and productivity amongst the staff, some changes might be necessary.

Here are some easy tricks that can help improve your office fitouts, adding style and functionality that work together to support the staff in their everyday tasks.

Adjust the lighting

Bad lighting leads to eye strain and headaches, and it also drains energy levels. You would want to avoid this to make your office conducive for working. Avoid fluorescent light bulbs as much as possible and switch them out with LEDs, which are a much better light source. LEDs are more cost-efficient and illuminates the space in a softer glow that your eyes would definitely thank you for. 

Another way to improve lighting is by utilising as much natural light as possible. Install glass windows to let in sunlight and reorient the workstations to face these light sources. You can also replace opaque room dividers with glass partitions to avoid blocking the light.

Add some colours

Having bland walls might be a contributing factor as to why your team’s morale is down. Research shows that different colours and colour combinations have an impact on human behaviour and moods. Choosing a colour palette depends on the type of work your team does and which emotions need to be evoked to more effectively perform that work. For example, if you are involved in creatives, splashes of yellows offer a great start. It evokes fun and optimism, making it a good choice in a space for artists, designers and writers. For your staff involved in more clerical tasks, blue is a good colour for boosting productivity as well as evoking a calm and sensible atmosphere.

Clean up the clutter

It’s inevitable that your office collects its fair amount of clutter, especially as many different people coexist in the space at any given time. However, this may lead to disorganisation that exacerbates stressful situations and makes it hard to concentrate. Cluttered spaces also result in decreased efficiency in the workflow. 

To address this, simple shelving systems can go a long way. Cabinets and bookcases can be easily installed to provide additional storage options to your employees, leaving less clutter on the desks. 

Improve your office fitouts in Melbourne now!

Our team here at Pirotta Services Commercial delivers high-quality commercial fitouts in Melbourne, offering customised solutions that suit your specific requirements. As one of the trusted office fit out companies in Melbourne, we can help you find the perfect way to improve your office fitouts for better work experience. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also put certain measures in place to guarantee the health and safety of our staff.

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