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Tips for Sustainable Office Fit Outs

April 7, 2021 Blog

Creating sustainable office fit outs in Melbourne is a great way to lower company carbon footprints as well as elevate employee performance. Sustainability is increasing in importance in every facet of life, so it’s no wonder why it needs to be incorporated into key design elements of buildings and offices. 

Going green is in, and a sustainable office is great for the environment and also reduces running costs. Here’s what you can do to make your own sustainable office space that is both functional and beneficial for the planet.   

Take advantage of natural light

Natural light is a healthier, not to mention less expensive, option for lighting. Not only does it help improve moods and lower stress levels, it also helps reduce energy consumption. By using certain techniques to amplify daylight, such as skylights, light shelves and reflective surfaces, you can make use of natural light to brighten up the office space. Use these in conjunction with LED lighting with dimmable options to better control electric light usage and create an efficient lighting system. 

Choose eco-friendly flooring

For eco-friendly flooring, you can choose to go with reclaimed flooring or get one made from sustainable materials. Reclaimed flooring, which typically involves hardwood, gives off a classic, timeless feel that adds personality and elegance to any space. 

If you want to go with eco-friendly carpets, check that they are made from natural, renewable fibres such as organic cotton, seagrass and bamboo. If you prefer painted floors, make sure the paints are non-toxic and low in volatile organic chemicals. 

Get plants

Keep your office alive with real plants! Constantly being around plants can lower anxiety levels, evoke a calm and relaxed mood, increase productivity and spark creativity. It can be as simple as placing potted plants on desks, tables and around the office space to elevate the mood and achieve a greener vibe.  

Create sustainable office fitouts in Melbourne with Pirotta!

Pirotta Services Commercial specialists are guaranteed to deliver high-quality commercial fitouts in Melbourne. Our team can come up with customised solutions that suit your specific requirements. As one of the trusted office fit out companies in Melbourne, we can design a sustainable space that supports your work processes. 

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