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Taking Care of Your Property with a Preventive Maintenance Checklist

May 21, 2020 Blog

To keep your appliances in good condition, you do routine maintenance checks. This helps avoid bigger issues in the future, saving you both time and money as emergency repairs cost a lot. The same principle applies in building maintenance, just on a larger scale. Preventative building maintenance helps guarantee that major building systems and equipment are in good working condition. By identifying parts that are wearing down and replacing them before they fall apart, you can avoid more extensive repairs down the line. 

Having a preventative building maintenance checklist makes it easier to keep track of which things need to be inspected. You can work these inspections into your monthly or annual schedule, or as you require. Making your maintenance inspection a habit is important in the upkeep of your property, ensuring it is in its best shape.

Here’s a basic preventative building maintenance checklist to help you get started on yours.

Building exterior

  • Walk the perimeter and check the state of the paint and walls.
  • Check for broken windows, doors or railings.
  • Check for plants or vines growing on the building and its foundation.
  • Check the roof and gutters for debris and clear them if needed. 
  • Check nearby trees and make sure no branches are in danger of falling.
  • Check the downpipes and storm drains and test them out by flushing them with water.

Building interior

  • Check the walls, ceilings and floors for any sign of deterioration.
  • Check for leaks and water damages in bathrooms, showers, and toilets. 
  • Check for safety hazards such as damage in electrical receptacles.
  • Ensure that the plumbing is working well.
  • Check for pests and other infestations. 
  • Ensure cleanliness in hallways and remove tripping hazards. 

Building systems

  • Ensure that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, if applicable, are working. 
  • Ensure that the fire alarm and sprinkler systems are working.
  • Check for loose wires or fixtures that can be electrical hazards. 
  • Check the HVAC or heating and cooling systems. 

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