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Main Phases of Office Fitout Construction

February 10, 2022 Blog

Understanding the office fitout construction process can help in ensuring that it goes as smoothly as possible. Understanding the process can make the overall fitout process more efficient and cost effective, saving you time and money. 

Here are the main phases of office fitout construction.

Phase 1: Planning and design

The office fitout design should match your company’s branding as it is a physical extension of other marketing materials. The fitout should be able to give the clients and other stakeholders the right impression of your brand, company values and vision. The planning and designing phase is important in not only creating the image your company wants to project but also in applying the design concepts to various building regulations. 

Phase 2: Permits and certificates

Before proceeding with the construction, you should firstly obtain the necessary permits and certificates. This includes building permits, development applications and design compliance certificates. Getting these files will help you avoid pitfalls such as the building manager not allowing you to carry out the works needed for the fitout. For bigger projects, you will usually need more time to get the papers processed and approved, so it’s best to handle this as early as possible.  

Phase 3: Construction

The plan should be finalised and approved before starting the construction phase. If you don’t account for the time needed to complete the project, your business operations can be disrupted, costing you a lot of money. Similarly, if you proceed with the construction without waiting for the building permits, you might end up needing to start over, further delaying the project.

The construction phase is a collaboration between many tradespeople, including carpenters, ceiling fixers and decorators. This encompasses all the components required for a working interior, such as the interior walls, the plasters, electrical framework, lighting and other installations. 

Once the installations have been completed and the office is fully furnished, you can start using the space!

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