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Choosing the Best Flooring Option for Office Fitouts in Melbourne

October 7, 2021 Blog

The right flooring for your commercial fit outs in Melbourne should offer both functionality and aesthetic value. When you’re choosing which flooring option to use for your office, consider factors such as budget, overall design, workflow processes and staff traffic. 


The budget you allocate for the flooring of your fitout should be weighed against the ease of maintenance and expected service life of the flooring material. Consider how cost-effective it will be to invest in something a bit more expensive that can last a longer time as opposed to something less expensive that will likely have to be replaced sooner. 

Design of your office space

Your flooring should blend well with the overall design of your space so as to not appear jarringly out of place. 

Workflow and traffic

High-traffic spaces should be fitted with more durable flooring that can withstand wear and tear. You should also consider that you might need to change up the flooring in different areas of your office. As an example, the flooring for your reception area is most probably not suitable for the kitchen or bathroom spaces.  

Common flooring options

To get you started, here are the main flooring types you will likely encounter when designing office fitouts in Melbourne.

Carpet and carpet tiles

If your business operations require insulation from noise, carpet floors will serve you well. Carpets have strong noise insulation properties and they’re great for keeping areas warmer too. For employees who are predominantly on their feet, carpets are a great option as they provide a softer, more cushioned surface for them to stand on.

Ceramic tiles

Long lasting and durable, ceramic tiles are perfect for high-traffic areas like lobbies and foyers. They are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain as well. Although ceramic can stain, a professional cleaner can treat and remove the stains and restore it to its pristine condition easily. If your business is in a warm building, ceramic tiles are a great option to keep your office cool as they don’t have the insulating properties of carpets.


For a classic and timeless look that gives off a clean, executive feel, you can’t go wrong with hardwood floors. They are durable while also giving off a certain elegance to your office that simply can’t be replicated. With good floor finishes, hardwood floors can be protected from excessive damage caused by stains, moisture or scratches. 


A less expensive option than hardwood and ceramic tiles, laminate flooring involves two or more types of materials that are fused together and then sealed. Laminated floors are constructed in layers and can resist warping from moisture. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, laminated floors are also resistant to scratches and dents.   

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